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Dominion Design Intent

Bitcoin provides an autonomous reference currency not issued by any one party but rather by the community of individuals participating in its network. It is not however anything more than a basic mechanism implementing that p2p network and the concept of a currency based on cryptographic principles rather than trust/an implicit social order. It may be said that the users of the network form such an order but if they do it is by virtue of its openness to anyone fundamentally different from the existing capital structures.

The cliubooks will include it by default with the base operating system and all SPO level configuration support so that it is ready for use by the domain operator.

Token Economy XP

TE-XP will provide the superstructure to perform transactioning and trading operations based on a BitCoin-IMU-GeneralCredit basket.

Public Job Shop

PJS will use TE-XP integrated with a selection of ERP cores.

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