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We appear to have entered some kind of transition. Locked up for second time for relating suicidal ideation, last Fri realeased Tuesday.

This time was more productive, the Falls facility is much nicer than Buffalo and a number of other made it a teachable moment.

This time, I got to see some of my diagnosis and the process overall was more interesting. The psych MD was an Indian in Buffalo too, and this one a female, had negative reviews both live by the patients in the ward, and at the various online review venues. She (Kaliseelvi Rajendrean) prescribed Respiradol but wasn't insistent about it at all. I believe the diagnosis was just "Psychotic, suicidal ideation". There were all kinds of distortions of things I'd said and some comic stuff like "blatantly denies auditory and visual hallucinations".

I do have to face the fact that I have in fact not had a rational response to the widening distance between myself and any part of human society. I would be addressing this in the next period with the continuing rejuvenation but it's really moot if I don't get work in the next few days.

I'm actually in great health and mood, just apparently wedged as far as the social conditions are concerned. This is also probably more apparent than real, should be a high probability of next paid work starting in that period.