Guaranteed Development

From Cibernética Americana

"What do you mean by 'Guaranteed Development'?"

There are two aspects to what I have traditionally called the Commodity Software policy. One is a warrant for correction of defects at no additional cost in perpetuity and is the original simple sense which is still operative once your application goes into maintenance. Prior to that:

  • When I identify a specific vertical market opportunity, I prepare an app using the most likely selections from the Common Platform Basis. In doing so independently I have advanced labor at no cost to the class of entities who would operate in that real world vertical market.

    Unless they have been purchased, I retain all intellectual property (IP) rights to the generic app and may continue to develop it. That such an app has met the criteria of the AOY / Value Prop, is attested to by the sources which are inspectable by any fully authenticated user.

  • When a generic application is so purchased, it diverges from the common public abstract application upon which it is based. At that point it becomes the support of a set of specific owned enterprises In contrast to what is required of us as maintainers of the generic app, many owners of enterprise specific apps will choose not to publish the sources.

    These applications are not subject to public review and therefore they cannot be the subjects of a guarantee. Developers operating in the Public Job shop however are required however to minimize and changes which would affect the guarantee criteria, so you get the best of both.

  • In this way we eliminate, or reduce to it's practical minimum, your risks in application software development, the bugaboo of automation.