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Libre Goods and Services

As in speech, not beer with all sources available at a token price. Primarily selling my own work product and services using compilations and adaptations of FOSS with exploration of alternatives to the prevailing economic order, whence the title of this page. My wiki edits here/there are/were public service.

μPriced or Free to First Class

.dom TLD Alt-root

A range of DNS related service are available to first class users of this domain space, from free end domain name mgt to contracted registry/registrar functions, visit the page for details.

I am limiting to 10K domains to be allocated by me in the .dom space of my alt-root with 1 free on a FCFS basis, but participating third parties registrars set their own limits to their delegated namespaces.


tl:dr[AK] apps have base free versions with in-app purchase of premium services which are typically priced in the 1-10 工 per month or quarter range and free to AKPERSONs with first class capitation. Green Travel Calculator ¹ was $1 on Market and is fulfilled as tl:dr[GT2] for the personal ecological impact accounting and wiht tl:dr[TASKPM] for personal task management are or will be available on Play/Apple store with free baselines and premium services μpriced in-app (or free for AKPERSONs 1st Class).

¹ Stub app demonstrating GPS c. 2011-03 for One Penny Per Mile/Boston NRDC.

  C-六 / DCMS</>

C-六 = DCMS< ∫ DS ∂ drupal / ∂ django .
Git/FishEye read access to my modifications of
FOSS free to authenticated users.

Basic service from the sameboat geonodes free to current AKPERSONs of any class.

Authenticate via the KASTALIEN SSO or
the Samboat Android/iOS app.

Generally, Developer or greater entitlement required for access to my curated/changed sources which are POSS¹ not FOSS, with any FOSS sources in my github account. In particular complete sources for the entirety of

.dom = DCMS< ∫ DCP(MCP) dDS DCMS> ( ai-integration.dom )

require current developer subscription. DCMSbra and ket are the front and back ends of our domain content management stack.

¹ Proprietary, i.e. © , Open Source Software

Coach Class

AKPERSON second class — low priced capitation entitlement, made available in-app in otherwise free apps enables source access.


Versions in the wild are infrequently updated, The current versions are within the authentication perimeter.