From Cibernética Americana

4720-30 Agenda (2022-2032 Era Vulgaris)

Personal improvement takes precedence. Failing that success in projects moot, if it succeeds failures in them are tolerable / temporary.

  1. .dom — my TLD AKA Domain Space
  2. GT2 personal carbon accounting domain (android iOS)
  3. C-六 — php/python Domain CMS
  4. TASKPM tl;dr™ — taskwarrior, MS Project, etc. for DS users
  5. YAS3 — yet another S3 client
  6. MCP/DCP — intelligent OS with mannerisms in homage to mainframes¹


     Domain engineering,   mecha intelligence,  and   sovereign praxis   are  leitmotifs.

AutoConsult, doorbell/Ft: legacy labels for intelligent conversational agent and videoconf efforts, respectively.

tl;dr™ and sameboat name app and C-六 based affinity/social networking product lines, respectively.

redvant(is)/dcms< (dcms-bra), and dcms> (dcms-ket), are designations of support layers.


MCP/DCP is the central project, mature in conception at the start but not in realization until the end of this period. While every 3rd party package I use in its construction is made available here in the form I've found it, I don't intend to release my original sources for the OS product at least in this decade. Everything else is maintained in open source form and can be the basis of various development opportunities. Open source here (as opposed to my github) means available at some level of entitlement either simple capitation (AKPERSON) or devops levels.

Source code of C-六, GT2, YAS3, and all supporting code for the tl;dr product line is available at the minimum entitlement level, actually known (tx-authenticated or invited). At least one developer entitlement for bespoke app support, including any use of the OS/KEE are required. GT2 and YAS3 are completions for projects from the prior decade which have become presentation vehicles for bespoke apps/services using various supports but themselves are basically feature static after 4719/20 with change limited to utilization of our or or 3rd party new infrastructure.

For the value of the interaction, I remain open to joining a group, optionally deferring my projects for an agreed period, or in joint development agreements. Moving from seriality in the reserve army of labor/FOSS commons to fusion with a smaller group has a presumed low but unknown expected value in this period. As a sole trader, I am bound by whatever stipulations various local jurisdictions make for same and will disable access from those where I cannot meet their requirements as they become known.

¹ Mainly Burroughs, with a nod to VM/CMS.