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These trade unionist are randomly included in the organized labor directory to the right:

To add additional names

In the Trade Unionists section there are four lines of people. Each of these lines operates independently, and is in the following form:

-----------------------------organizers line #1 ---------------------------
|{{#switch: {{Rand|3|SEED}}
| 0 = [[César Chávez]]{{·}} [[Samuel Gompers]]
| 1 = [[Joe Hill]]{{·}} [[Dita Indah Sari]]
| 2 = [[Sidney Hillman]]{{·}} [[I. C. Frimu]]

In brief, the {{Rand|3}} code generates a random number between 0 and 2. The line that appears in the tag corresponds to that number. The next time the page is refreshed a different number is generated, and that line is displayed instead.

  • To add names to the list add a new line in the following format:
| 3 = [[NEW NAME]]{{·}} [[NEW NAME2]]
  • Change the number in the {{Rand|COUNT}} code to accurately reflect the number of lines. In this example COUNT should be 4, in order to generate the numbers 0 to 3.
  • The second parameter is a static seed, it should be different for each occurrence of the Rand template on the same page, to generate distinct numbers. It can be any integer.
  • Single names may be added to other lines with only one name. If that is the case do not increase the random COUNT number, as the total number of lines has not changed.
  • Add the name(s) to the complete list at the left of the page.
  • Try to keep the distribution of names in each section reasonably balanced.
  • Do not add the same name to multiple lines or sections. Each name should only appear once to avoid the possibility of it appearing twice at the same time on the tag.