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en:Critique of Dialectical Reason

Critique of Dialectical Reason  
Cover of the paperback edition
Author en:Sartre
Translator Alan Sheridan-Smith
Language English
Genre(s) Nonfiction
Publisher Verso
Publication date 2004
Media type Paperback
Pages ~840
ISBN 1-85984-485-5
Vol I Critique of Dialectical Reason

Sartre never finished the work but it's not like Volume III of Kapital, its project not its text is incomplete. That I'm working with is a translation and I don't believe it was published in Sartre's lifetime and did have to be assembled but will check that.

Book III The Intelligibility of History

Is Struggle Intelligible?

The Totalization-of-Envelopment in a Directorial Society. Relations between the Dialectic and the Anti-dialectic

Singularity of Praxis: Disintegration of the Organic Cycle and the Advent of History

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