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A software product engineering line

Software we build for consumer use, as opposed to systems software, is considered to be a part of software product engineering line with this brand name. The style is "tl" followed by colon, dash, or semicolon, "dr", followed by a square bracketed specific product name. Elements:

  • redvant implementation base.
  • wireframe approach, wireframe as production, CI concept
  • clear separation of standalone vs cloud. standalone is just on device without accessing DS.

The Look and Feel of the apps in the line

The theme, style, or graphical design concept of the look and feel package is a low fidelity wireframe mock, filled with active working content instead of crossed out static images.

Essentially it is a full design package based on the low fidelity wireframe.

"tl;dr" a marque naming ...

YAS3 postdates the snapshot below created before any realizations except GT2, which had a 2011 original now referred to as GT1.