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Job Solicitation Response Card (Juan Daugherty 4716/2018)


 active coder, individual contributor, lang/platform agnostic

      35 años de soledad ...    

apps systems

Production shops/principals only please -
  Value Added shops fine, but I don't need an agent !  


  1. jobs at a market wage, duration 1 day to 2 years,
  2. precision on 'market': CA/EU/US (e.g. BLS 15-1133) mean to 99 %ile,¹
  3. jobs between 2 and 12 weeks, with defined deliverables: pay when done fine,
    net terms available , tx for 1st day to establish billable account   --→
  4. ... items iv through vii      

Current remote retained day rate 1000 ². Prices for new deals subject to change without notice.
Not trying to troll/antagonize, please just ignore if not a fit. If you need to vent go ahead with ur 'endeavours' kiss off.
¹ firm 1 day job GLB ( For non-IT professionals, those naïve to IT labor markets ... )

² 1099 is a US contract worker tax code. On 2018-10-19 1000 Gong was less than 350 USD, click link for real time fx.
³ with Apple/Google market support if mobile. Sorry no paid jobs < 5K USD.

Blurbs / more ... CREDO PHYSICS   README 


仁 人 卷

Last dated: 21 October 4716
Next update 27 February 2019.

† Based on my consumer, or enterprise lines of biz. *(appropriate to definition of a contractor). Above applies reciprocally to those contracted to do work for hire in my domains.