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  I'm a Sr. SW Engineer in upstate NY. Rate range: from $35/hr for retained support to $75/hr for all inclusive and I can normally give fixed cost bids for already well defined tasks. If you are not an experienced technical manager, you may want to keep these facts in mind when considering the cost of IT labor: 1) what it costs for other skilled/professional labor (e.g. auto mechanics), 2) the well known high risk and failure rate of IT projects; with 30 years experience I can often guarantee my work and generally take a fraction of the time of a less experienced worker and  3) by low balling your work you may end up paying considerably more or not completing the project at all. Also with respect to the focus many buyers have on specific packages, I generally find the time familiarizing myself with a new package is a fraction of the time spent analysing the project requirements, existing codebases, etc.

   You did not request one or asked for no attachments so no resume is attached but you can easily find at the site below.

   Availability to accept new clients subject to change without notice (have to say that for legal reasons).