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(01) 716 285 0414

I generally send text specific to solicitations in response to the first message specifically addressed to me.

Below is general text for the 3 broad layers of the class of soliciting buyers.

  • General Professional Services Offer in Response
  • "Full Time" Employer ( U.S. or Canadian).)
      I'm a  Sr. SW Engineer in the Niagara region applyng for the subject job. I am open to being a T4 or W2 employee and
      have done so recently (as W2) though most of my career has been as a contractor, either independent or  thru various
      3rd parties. Regardless of the circumstances of hire, I retain  an  entrepreneurial outlook, and essentially look at 
      these gigs (of which I've had 4 or 5) as 1 to 3 year contracts. My longest association with a single compay was with
      IBM (as a contractor thru various job shops) over a three distinct periods with a combined length of  about  7  or 8
      years in the 80s and 90s.
  • Recruiter or other Job Broker
      If you are a 3rd party that can't verify your  clients interest  first using the resume materials to your left,  the
      calendar above, and other web matter so that you can close quickly with me then you are wasting your time here. 
      I generally do not deal with third parties. Recruiters who are hired by an Employer on a retainer basis and of course
      in house recruiters are an exception (because they're not third parties).  Contract shops that aren't essentially Job
      Brokers are also not third parties (in effect thier clients become the third party). You are welcome to send my resume
      under your name if you can access it here and I have no problem with your collecting a fee for your efforts.
      FWIW, this is not a new policy and one I am only likely to refine as I have worked with only 1 or 2 brokers in the last
      ten years.