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Names the php and python codesets at the core of the Domains CMS.
Defining use cases are the sameboat network and the AKSAMBAR products.

"DCMS" is used in the widest sense to refer not just to the php/python core (C六) but to content management in domain space generally outside of the DCP providing manifold services to AKPERSONS. DCMS< and DCMS> name front and back end elements relative to the Drupal 7 curation, respectively. C六 php is expected to remain d7 based².

Sameboat commons is the stable version of my live development and the first stop before downstream deployments. The sameboat commons app supports C六 and my product lines as a base.


c. 4719 — Portable Groups. Fork live and commons prod, rebuilding the latter¹.

c. 4716 — Pursuant to SA-CORE-2018-004, C六 drupal was rebuilt from scratch.

c. 4714 — First selection of sameboat name based on concept of affinity group support.

c. 4705 — First selection of Drupal as php CMS of choice and the C六 name after C5.

  ¹六 uses more than the recommended number of modules and curation of both core and non core addresses that. At this writing, by the method in the link live has 464 and commons 279 non core.
  ²D9 branch is for devops only, see front page of the D9 instance for more. Links below background my drupal use, GMRV was first django iirc.

C5 (whence "C-6") C六书 d.o druportfolio