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For the second act of this animal life, whose overture I assign to the selection of a personal name different from that given me at birth name c. 2006, I¹ have, (see discussion for more detail) chosen the Chinese name:

in which the second character can be pronounced as is sometimes my given birth name and 仁 as 性. This choice is oblivious to Chinese personal naming conventions and while SFAIK, 仁 人 卷 is unique, it is also probably sounds gender disphoric for speakers of some Chinese langs, as I was born and identify as cis-male.


The first scene of Act II would be the final of some 39 years of wage labor. Longer since first programming but more like 35 since I really started to have chops due to first professional job being all analysis and design in a classic waterfall DoD process, and a timeout in 82/83 before the Burroughs experience. Probably didn have my 10K concentrated hours of paid mastery till the late eighties. A closure and turn as indicated in the README is the overture to scene two.

As 人 卷, a 13 yo at this point, have moved to Real™ name as preferred new nick either RenJuan or RenRenJuan, but the below are exceptions.

Freenode Identities

"Lycurgus" is always me live, the below are bots modified to work in my DS context.

  • JuanDaugherty
  • Persona closest to myself, has the yesbot prolog functionality.

  • Patternmaster
  • Silent persona except that it has the minion cl-irc functionality.

  • WorldControl
  • Persona that of Colossus from The Forbin project, has the lambdabot functionality.

PGP Signature: 60011024 Juan Daugherty (Ren Ren-Juan) <>


Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti

¹ XE DOB: Dec. 29, 1953 Chicago, IL, USA as Juan Edwin Daugherty, 公元 assigned DOB First day of 4706 (1/29/2006).