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    (DS) A term for my web space.
   Dev README ¡Bienvenido a mis dev dominios!9 Ops Blog    
ai-integration, meansofproduction, thoughtcrime

Praxis, this page, and the  Ops Blog  are meant to orient all classes of visitors .

Use KASTALIEN SSO, login links such as on this page are for domain space devops use.

SMOG index of this page: ~ 15.

Finding the "<X> For Dummies" ² guides¹ semi-offensive ³,4 I responded to the disappointed expectations of a single "web site", and puzzlement which may have been increased by randomized artistic elements, with this page now linked in left nav by my mail address.

Over time, complexity increases but so does cohesion. Ca. 2011, > 1500 user pages were in ecore (modperl CMS) and mediawiki alone, there are other CMSes, SPAs, etc., so the concept of "site" breaks down.

Thus, « Domain Space ».

Migration of my dev content to private DS routing to be complete by 4721/2022.

4717, .dom private suffix routing in anticipation of systems ( MCP/DCP ) and app ( tl:dr[AK] ) products began. I attempt AI integration of domains and intend that "I" will ultimately refer to automation for the first I in this sentence, supporting the general first person usage . Cf. CII / w3.n for personæ.

領土 空 间

add .dom by adding ns<n>.sameboat.<sfx> to your routing, n= ␢,1,2.
<sfx> will be the Donuts live TLD until November 2022, the next announced here Aug '22. private since 2018.


The DS link at top has more info. ²  Wiki Article on the Books  PONI  not  Dummy . This page formerly titled "SimplisticOverview" and linked as "This site for Smarties". 4 NAAL advanced intermediate or proficient level literacy are assumed here. Credit: Joe Celko's 'SQL For Smarties'. 9 The main production domain, bound to the common core node of the Sameboat Local Directory Network.