Dominion System

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The Vision

I use the expression "the dominion system" to refer to a grand scheme I have to deploy a state of the art platform and displace/disintermediate internet operations generally. I mean to provide software that will provide the most advanced development environment for ai-integration, and also support the idea of individuals running their own internet as a collective, with commodity physical support provided by market driven competition of vendors with the lowest cost and highest service levels, but initially just AWS.

I do not intend this as a disruption of the operation or the engineering intent of the various freely available softwares but rather a realization of their several visions. I do intend it to be a disruption by virtue of the disintermediation that connects the engineering elements ever more minimally with the end consumers of it.


Executive Summary

A simplistic but true account is that the dominion system integrates your different domains as one unified enterprise.

Feature Qualities

Autonomous DNS based DDD

A key, core and early element is the inversion of the conventional DNS system. The current system is a snakepit of various commercial interests with few enitities even bothering to use the independence that is present in the existing system.

The Quadriga but not as a Tech out

Modern computing is largely dominated by elements that are sneered at by Computer Science Snobs, in particular langs such as Ruby, PHP and javascript. For what a "tech-out" is, see no. 5 in the FAQ in the Flash Resume page.

I take a different approach. I see the down level cultures as a huge mass of functionality, the broadest markets, against which the higher level facilities of more advanced computing can have an enormous impact by recovering and extending them.

The Cloud, debunked and delivered as a commodity

Cloud computing, one of the current rages, is really nothing more than distributed computing with a lot of vendors pushing priced services. My approach is to give consumers free and low cost tools which they can operate on their own with vendors such as AWS, RackSpace, even their own hardware or colocated hosting.

Component Parts


A CMS Monad. D can be dominion, distributed, whatever, sense is generalized/unified across the different ones I use, in particular mediawiki, drupal, and e-core (mod_perl/slashdot). Normally I write it without a hyphen. Not really sure but think I meant dominion on this from the first, c. 06/7, and that's what is really about a vehicle for the grand concept.

principalsonly.dom, a disintermediated marketplace for IT projects

My ideas for a Public Job Shop, where buyers and sellers of IT labor connect with facilitation for the work instead of interference by a parasite, is carried by this aspect of the realized as the flagship site of the part of the system I own.

Epochal Deliveries

commodity ai-integration

Neither strong, nor weak but practical and commercially usable, delivered in a generic way thru the Quadriga but usable anywhere in modern computing.