EE-000-001 (details)

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SKU: EE-000-001

  • There is a setup associated with supporting any enterprise and therefore this service is only valid after that setup has occured.
    If your support lapses resources associated with your enterprise will be released and a re-setup will be required if you wish to reestablish later.
  • This service includes shared hosting of your application for development purposes. You may use this for production purposes but there are bandwidth and cluster utilization limits. You are encouraged to contract with third parties for production hosting and your major development needs (via the Public Job Shop).
  • PayPal's service charges are included, the price is a flat €300 and we absorb any service and FX fees. Please contact PayPal for other details of their recurring billing.

¹ I looked for a definition of support retainer. Googling "support retainer" shows a spread of practices. Also there is the wikipedia retainer article. This is a minimum basic retained support service: development, support of multiple users, etc. are not included unless stipulated during initial interaction; the value proposition of the AOY/Value Prop page is presumed to have been so established personally by me during said interaction.

If recurring costs such as dedicated hosting, extra bandwidth charges, etc. are included we will have defined same in writing during setup.

In contrast to US and Canadian accounts I delegate detail work on these accounts to other workers that I interact with thru the Public Job Shop so the number that can be handled is practically unlimited.