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Encyclopædia Galactica

FOUNDED c. 12020 Galactic Era, -48 Foundation Era, 4702 AK, 116thEDITION

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117th Edition

These web domains¹ are presented in layers, this outermost, we call "the skin". The outer domain uses something else (E). Various application 'spaces' are within these supported by Lisp or Java 'realms', or other distinct service processes. Without a CMS, we're "skinless". A 1280x1024 display is assumed.

The Encyclopædia Galactica (EG) skin extends the MediaWiki (MW) "monobook" skin/style using our CL-XSL package and aims to refactor the MW package as a CSS Zen extension vehicle. The modifications to the base PHP package are described on this users page.

See also: Hodge Podge. Hari Seldon | MW UG | CSS Zen Garden | CL-XSL

¹ ai-integration.biz,  commoditysofware.org,  nak-cso.com, and the original / late  kybernet.com

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