Information Entropy And Telepathy

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In the English Wiki, in the telepathy article there is a link to a site where under telepathy there was a letter from a reader which described a situation which, if accurately reported seemed to be clear evidence of telepathy. The site owner dismissed this in what seemed to me at the time an entirely specious manner. I say so because he seems to grant the veridicality of the report but rejected it as a case of telepathy on statistical reasons.

Since there is in fact a body of applied mathematics that can bear on this matter I want to follow thru and see what I get.

At the first link lead to a debunking of the experiments by Soal, which I completely accept as disappointing as such always are when they occur in individuals claiming to be adhering to scientific ethics. But the exchange in question between Bruce and Carrol seemed to be of a totally different character at first. Upon reflection, I grant that he is right given Bruce's likelihood, regardless or even because of the state of his stated family relations, of a relatively high probability of the events in question. Still in spite of the justified nature of the act of skepticism in question I sense that it may be in this and similar cases be wrong.

Summary of Applicable Information Theory