K-Progressive Process

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It is easy to see that only if at each stage the memory space made available by the waste production is sufficient for taking in the increment set of a file for the next stage, can the file be linear in that process. In order to state this with more precision we define a concept which we shall call [the] K-progressive process. A process shall be said to be K-progressive if for all process-stages R and all files F:

<math>S = \sum_{r=1}^{R} (Sw_{r} -)</math>

(K a constant)

or <math>S = \sum_{r=1}^{R} (Sw_{r} -)</math>

If the process is K-progressive it follows from 1 that after stage R-1, for instance, free memory space >= K is available for the next stage, that is for stage R. For all F files involved the space required is

Memory Covered