K-Progressive Process

From Cibernética Americana


It is easy to see that only if at each stage the memory space made available by the waste production is sufficient for taking in the increment set of a file for the next stage, can the file be linear in that process. In order to state this with more precision we define a concept which we shall call [the] K-progressive process. A process shall be said to be K-progressive if for all process-stages R and all files F:

<math>S = \sum_{r=1}^{R} (Sw_{r} -)</math>

(K a constant)

or <math>S = \sum_{r=1}^{R} (Sw_{r} -)</math>

If the process is K-progressive it follows from 1 that after stage R-1, for instance, free memory space >= K is available for the next stage, that is for stage R. For all F files involved the space required is

Memory Covered