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<b><i>For the stable price of &euro; 300 per month you get the following:</i></b>
<b><i>For the stable price of &euro; 200 per month you get the following:</i></b>
  <li> Your IPV6 dominion functionally equivalent to <b>wik-cso.dom</b>&sup1; .
  <li> Your IPV6 dominion functionally equivalent to <b>wik-cso.dom</b>&sup1; .

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Value Proposition (VP) simply stated:

Basically, we are able to offer you a guaranteed, first quality, auditable, and scalable Enterprise application with support which you can continuously adapt to your needs at a miniscule fraction of the world market price it would cost for you, in general, to do your own custom development which would with virtual certainty lack these qualities.

For the stable price of € 200 per month you get the following:

  • Your IPV6 dominion functionally equivalent to wik-cso.dom¹ .
  • Monthly updates to the ai-integration.biz software.
  • Dedicated server hosting for global routing of and development of your dominion.
  • Up to 100 Public Job Shop accounts.
  • Email Tech Support for 5 accounts.

Under standard technological/labor conditions currently applying to software development, this is an unparalled offer so you would be right to ask what is the catch. The catch is that you have to be able to understand this VP and run with it. A task for which you may very well be intellectually and otherwise unprepared. To do so, you will need to be able to exploit the basic start we provide in setting up your Enterprise Application and thereafter use third party developers for your further significant development needs. You could also avoid altering our programming, live with the automated customization provided, and learn how to maintain and operate your application yourself (DIY).

We enforce and arbitrate the maintenance of our standards for work performed in our development venue (Public Job Shop (PJS)) in order to be able to provide the application properties mentioned in the first paragraph above. Nonetheless dealing with any third parties is essentially your affair, we just provide a means that eliminates the risk if you can hire on adequately skilled labor to do any additional customization or detailed development you may need and they can operate within our framework.

If you are a developer or other stakeholder rather than an enterprise owner or representative you should take the PJS link above and skip the below.

¹The ai-integration.biz software IPV4 routed by meansofproduction.biz and commoditysoftware.org .

07.30.200730 Heat, 4705

You can use the below to establish PayPal billing for monthly support for your enterprise only if it is NOT a United States or Canadian entity.

  • You can cancel at any time. Your support will continue to end of the established billing cycle (the day of the month you establish the billing).
  • The nominal setup fee is 3 times the monthly which may be more or less in a given actual instance.
  • (more...)