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From Cibernética Americana

You access the Public Job Shop via the link in the left navigation.

You may create as many unentitled identities as you like by free registration using any of the integrated dominion CMSes and link them to your authenticated real identity as needed (at which point they become aliases for your real identity and thus entitled).

If you are subscribed as a client to the platform support service you are already an entitled user of this dominion resource and the service vended here is unnecessary for you.

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You can use the below to establish your professional account regardless of your location if you can use PayPal.

  • You can cancel at any time. Your subscription will continue to end of the established billing cycle (the day of the month you establish the billing).

  • There is a 30 day trial subscription with a token charge (€ 0.42) with restrictions. In the case of some peer developers I will promote this to a regular unrestricted professional account but every peer developer must be identified thru the international financial system i.e. PayPal or some other common broker.

  • If your subscription lapses resources associated with your account will be released and you will need to recreate later if you wish to reestablish later. We will provide some means to back-up your data state but it will be offered on an as-is basis with no guarantee whatsover and a positive statement that it is not intended to work with multiple back releases of our platform services.

  • The price of the basic authentication service is €5 per month.

  • The authentication service subscription only automatically renews for 12 months. You will have to resubscribe at the end of 13 months.