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In 4704 I was told that "Eddie Daugherty" had abandoned his family and might not be my grandfather so for that and because I struggle to extend to humanity that which I have no trouble doing to thetically intelligent beings, I assigned 仁 as 性 , thus: 仁 人 卷 (R.R. Juan). c. 4713 I had my genome mapped for first time and that showed that Eddie (or someone like him) was in fact my paternal grandfather.

The Irish have had a presence througout Latin American for more than 200 hundred years and Daugherty is a common surname, there is at least one other "Juan Daugherty" (in Central America). Search of US Census records around the time of the gene sequencing also shows several "Juan Daugherty"s, mostly in 19th century Kentucky.

The 仁卷 link in the left nav is a family album of sorts.

Root (talk) 23:48, 18 February 2019 (UTC)