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Current Thinking

My thinking on Capitalism vs. Socialism has evolved. Today, I see Socialism as an ambition to structure society rationally that collides with the actual state of the development of the masses in much the same way and for the same reasons as Democracy does, inevitably reverting to a natural norm of class rule. Instead of seeing Capitalism overthrown by Socialism, I see the thing called Capitalism being replaced in turn by the forces that created it with something that is a more complete expression of those forces. So greater individualism not less, more rather than less devolution of state power (which actually is consistent with the goal of stateless communism) and so forth.

These ideals (democracy, socialism) posit masses with leaders that can realize such ambitions. But in their degraded state of nature, the masses will only accept rulers and true leaders are shunned in a situation where pandering to that state is the only way to power in primitive culture. In essence, a true leader is a person who deals with the issues confronting society with forward solutions in contrast to the ubiquitous current situation where rulers give voice to various contending classes and identities in society as vendors supplying a commodity product to various consumer groups.

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"Greedom" (a nick observed 4719-08-08 on from NRW .de) — how perfectly it captures what calls itself freedom in the actually existing Capitalism!
'Greed(d)om' can also be read as name for the actually existing Capitalism, similar to 'Christendom'.
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