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What it is

Unit XP was coined, c. '98, as just my variant for Extreme Programming. I'm quite often acting as an entire IT function, whereas Agile/Extreme, etc. generally were talking about teams of at least two developers, with non-IT personnel involved to be sure, but not in general with the development team being an individual.

Humphrey's Personal Process is individual oriented, but it predates and is anti-thetical/oblivious to Agile or it's reason for being. Humphrey was in his 70s when Agile/Extreme came out but that's not likely to have inhibited there having been a retrofit. UnitXP was mine. Think he also did something addressing this century.

Humphrey's last work (as co-author) appears on the basis of its TOC (use search function to access ) to completely ignore agile and the typically under capitalized projects which are by far the bulk of those undertaken. His typical project's staffing includes 10 programmers, individuals doing development so it's an order of magnitude off.

The recent CACM article confirms the continued lack of individual practitioner focus, the gap addressed. Root 10:27, 19 July 2012 (UTC)