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Not sure but think there may have been some pre ecore version of what became the original whiteboard page, now embedded here. The pickup of this thread in this CMS is the Ft and the development of what it talks about in the dominion system.


I've reenabled account creation, so if you'd like to comment here, make a wiki account, should have that folded into the dominion service this quarter.

The stuff behind this is all proven software, development discussion below is about derived/integrated/newly created IP based on today's baseline of what's on this page ("Whiteboard") now. Use as much or as little of this as you like. The bell gets my attention best because in addition to making the same sound you hear if you press the doorbell, it causes a KDE pop-up on my main desktop. Get's my attention even if I have headphones on as long as I'm looking at a screen the KDE alert reaches. Adding SMS notification but not using regularly. Root 11:30, 26 November 2011 (UTC)

Latency of connection, stream

Any video stream should appear in a few seconds but lags of up to 10 have been observed. The live video stream should not be off by more than a couple seconds from the real-time of a phone call, but this is an ongoing area of development.

Desktop Sharing

Current resolution should show under the tl:dr. The main linux desktop, Windows Ultimate N, etc, are accessed from a VNC session on the Mac but it's the priced version which scales everything to the size of the Mac. I'm using the free version of, the session will be in the chat or communicated in an email so just go to where nnn-nnn-nnn is the session id, ideally in a separate screen/monitor.


The server name may be set to loopback (localhost/oflademo) if I've been working on the app, but can be changed back in the UI:

  • server URL should always be: rtmp://<service> where <service> is either live or SOSample.
  • (my/view) video stream name: rrjStream.
  • (your/publish) video stream name: youStream where "you" can be replaced by your initials if you are not the first/only caller.
  • follow instructions to the left of the publisher app, optionally connect audio if you dont want to use a phone call for voice.

Any North American biz hours fine and and I'll usually respond within an hour or less, immediately if I'm at my desk and can take an interrupt.

Other Flash from red5 here

If we are not conferencing see my flash and streaming media practice page, red5 is always up so see the oflademo there for canned video.

"Facetime WB"


A FB and Twitter social app as a service (sa3s) supporting my programming practice and developed from core functionality already mashed up on the obverse 15 October 2011.

  1. Add chat, setup basic UI driven design
  2. Build out from IOC of UI design of 2011-10-06 to FtWB proto
    • set username to you and use whatever's there at connect as chat user name
    • increase chat width
    • make the stream name youStream on the video Stream tab
    • send bell on first connect, initials to conferees
    • clear security issues with bell on Safari/Mac .
    • modify ruby server, chat so as to use wall/bell apropos current attention, use connecting party's initials
  3. with Twitter + FB
      • xmlns:og
    1. On FB canvas, use ML uniformly for the Facetime app (due to M.C. Escher estate issues), here use
      Escher image as default background for Stream tab and refactor:
      • merge chat, publisher into FT WB, as tools in a single UI/UX as an AS FB SDK app.
      • Add connect icon as tool for chat/log pane
      • Add settings icon as tool for config panel
      • Add monitor icon for publisher View/Stream
      • Get paid cert for, if necessary. Works now need to eliminate snags from self-cert in supported browsers.
      • Listen for chat connects. populate publisher stream dd in monitor as conferee initials received, log events to chat/log panel
      • Add URL rendering tool as a thimble icon using API such as 1url and with configurable renderings for the URL on the chat/log panel
    2. twitter, mobile: establish SMS traffic to Android and iPhone, assess vid streaming for both but close delivery/notification mechanism so no call/guest can be missed during attentive hours, and verify on G1 and 3G. Handle twitter uniformly with SMS.
      • Facetime™ GA 1.0
      • as content in the Tubezilla/Bonker5 Cliubook(s).
    3. get <= 2s lag for stream in focus, keep time to focus known stream in single digits.

Current state has mash up of underlying 3rd party software which is known to just work so can be used as is.

removed dates, changing scope relative to whole life/work course. Root 11:28, 26 November 2011 (UTC)
Added a category in the dominon blog. Root 01:05, 5 December 2011 (UTC)

Browser Coverage for this Page

Standard: en:user:lycurgus

Nina Paley's Production of the Ramayana

New text added, idea is to add code in the About and ecore pages and the flex control to control a timer like one on dominion portal and timeout to a video control which goes fullscreen and starts the video. has a variety of formats. Don't want to give the user more than a half minute to begin to interact or move on.

Done. I suppose that the pop-ups and controls can't run js like the ecore page does is why Node.js exists. May use to test out same likely flash has a means. Root 22:59, 16 December 2011 (UTC)
Flash External API can be used for the embedded Flash objects. Root 14:36, 18 December 2011 (UTC)
This has gone dormant but what I want here is for that API to be used to cancel the expiry. If it isn't cancelled, I want SSTB to start fullscreen, ideally at the point where Sita taps the phonograph. Root 11:56, 19 January 2012 (UTC)