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About Look and Feel

not quite artisinal

Free, mostly work out the box, usable with a PHPCMS, JS fw, as is or with appropriate IP service:

Priced, ©, and/or need a a proper graphics artist for best result in use extended to a whole application:

original UX

Original artisinal treatments are typically $3-5K per mock and up. Can subcontract that out or work with your resource.
In that case I provide wireframed function, the 3rd party delivers with their artwork as value added.

my UI

C六 has drupal + Symfony ∂ DS ∂ JS as manifest here in applications of same, reified as Jackson (responsive jacket UI).

The Flash Resume cube ('Web Portfolio') has some pre-2011 high quality graphical treatments I maintained but didn't create.

The relation between graphics and IT is much deeper in my overall work history than the above may indicate.
More on this in my web:

¹ Random one of these adapted as a landing page for these domains.
² Subscription based, you can download while subscribed.
³ AT-Commerce also used and default until bootstrap checked out against modules that used AT-C.

To be clear, I'm a programmer, systems integrator, software engineer, whatever, not a graphics artist or visual designer. As of 2011-09, while everything current in my space is arranged and composed by me, I can't even draw but don't see what that has to do with software. As for the role of design in software, my position is same as the Winograd quote in the last link below.

Although I can do the quality of "design" work which you see, and which I without any deprecation whatsover refer to as "superficials", Gyrony is a design freelancer I can partner with if you have a multi-person budget and need this kind of work done. Resource limitations from my focus on software and function mean I am not going to be able to do better than you see in my self-produced space except by collaboration with another such worker. Even Don Knuth had a collaborator (Duane Bibby) that did the illustrations in the TeX Book.

Don't have time for this and am concentrated on software. However to some extent this is a software issue and it's deeply intertwined with software as in drupal or theming systems.

C-六 and Jackson (A Jacket responsive UI for my web space) represents a working version of my latest effort on this front.

See also this and this.

The Chosen One