Wanda Rose Mills (Nov. 27 1929 - July 4, 1991 XE)

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Cover Page

Image to the left is from late 40s (when she would have been "Wanda Gass"), posted by her granddaughter to ancestry.com sometime after 2010. Those below range from 1972 to the early eighties. AKA "Sandy Daugherty", "Sandy East". In her life I only addressed as "Mama".

Wanda had an 8th or 9th grade education but presented herself in a classy manner and with a very sweet disposition. Fortunately, the last fifteen years of her life, in her third marriage, were a pleasant contrast to the first two marriages.

Mama at Xmas in FL

Mama doin dishes in FL

Mama w Big
... Glasses in FL

Mama in Decatur, IL

9/72 Chicago

9/72 Chicago